Ensure the success of your changes by anticipating human risk factors.

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Streamlining business operations.

Increasing customer orientation.

Office relocation.

Agile transformation.

Production reorganization.

Corporate restructuring.

Strategy renewal.

Boosting sales.

Leadership development.

Establishing hybrid work.

Critical investment.

System project.

Change negotiations.

Product launch.

New management model.

Strategic flagship project.

Implementing OKR models.

Significant customer project.

Improving collaboration between sales and marketing.

Process digitalization.

Team operating model change.

70%of changes fail.

100%of changes create fears, worries
and coffee table discussions.
Whether you wanted or not.

Why is Guidin the best change management tool?

Based on the
most famous
change management

Developed with
financial directors, HR
and organizational psychologists

Visible results
and excellent
in 3 hours



Identify the risks of change at a glance

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This is how Guidin works.

Easy and quick to create a survey that fits your needs.

See the situation overview and identify potential resistance to change.

Deep dive into the risks and find the root causes of the challenges.

Understand the emotional climate and lead the change more effectively.

Understand emotions and reasons for the change resistance

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The most change capable companies choose Guidin.

Could Guidin help you with your change?