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Change and layoff negotiations in a consultant organization with less than 20 employees.

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Change: Change negotiations in a consultant organization with less than 20 employees facing extensive layoffs due to a deteriorating project situation.

Why Guidin? When the situation is on and resources are low, Guidin is a really fast way to get up to speed: we had a discussion with the staff about the results just four days after we first heard about the tool. Anonymous answering enables open sharing of thoughts.

Benefits: The risk level was high in all the areas in the first measurement and it made us realize that we need to be better at considering people and their emotions. It's not always pleasant to see the results, but we learned that if we don't talk openly about things, uncertainty grows in people's minds. Guidin helps us to cope with the challenging situation and ensures that we have committed staff when the situation improves.

When results are discussed together, people realize that they are not alone with their thoughts. With Guidin, even difficult issues are easier to discuss in a constructive manner.


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